VJ Curry is the owner and designer for Infamous Native Clothing Company. The son of a beautiful mother who was sadly taken to early and is now a MMIW in Canada. Life for VJ was hard without a mom, he grew up living the street life that's inspired a lot of his designs and sayings. Although the RCMP portray the brand to be gang apparel, VJ is motivated to prove them wrong. "I myself am not a gang member just because I grew up living the street life doesn't mean I'm gang related I'm just a native trying to give my kids a better life then I had so I made this company for them and my designs represent me and my struggles that I've over come to make something for them" said VJ in a effort to defend himself against the false assumption of his brand. With his "Bless The Dead" design he is donation 10% of profits to show support for his mother and the rest of the MMIW in Canada. "My designs are my way of showing that us as native people are still here and are still proud no matter what they may try to do to us we're still here and ain't going no where and no matter what they try label me it doesn't matter because at the end of the day I know in my heart I've made my ancestors proud"